About Ant Lib

Conceived in late October 1998 by fans disappointed with ANT2000 - Adam Ant's 'Official News Service' - the Ant Liberation Front has been the principle independent, holistic and democratic organisation for Antpeople from the outset. Since the beginning, we have arranged regular social gatherings, managed a vastly popular website and produce media for all fans of Adam & the Ants to enjoy.

Devised as an alternative to A.N.TA.N.T were great in the mid-late '80s when they kept the Ant community together with glossy A4 newsletters and conventions when there wasn't much going on in the Ant World. Unfortunately they went to pot when Manners & Physique was released and they ran off with our cheques and postal orders - boo! hiss! / Topnotch / ANT2000 in response to a ten-year record of underachievement and disappointment, Ant Lib's criticisms have always rested on the (mis)management of these ventures and not on any individuals identified with them. Adam Ant fans have never received an apology for that decade during the 1990s of lost cheques and SAEs, therefore we believe that for their loyalty and passion, Antpeople deserve much more from so-called "Official" Adam Ant ventures.

We also believe that each Antperson - although bound by a common taste and interest in Adam & the Ants / Antmusic - are individuals and, regardless of their own race, gender, sexuality and nationality all have something to contribute to Ant Culture ...and have the right to publicly debate it without fear or threat from those acting on behalf the commercial entity of Adam Ant.

Since our conception over ten years ago we have been developing our mission statement of aims and objectives for the society and currently identify four main objectives for the organisation as follows:

  • To promote Adam, the Ants, Antpeople and independent Ant Culture
  • To provide an online forum for Antpeople to voice their opinions and a postal service for those without regular access to the Internet
  • To co-operate closely with Adam, and the Ants wherever possible whilst retaining the right to constructively discuss decisions that are not in the fans interest
  • To promote friendly links with other non-profit music fan organisations

Although offered 'Official' status by Adam himself directly (the only website/organisation in current times to achieve this, despite what you might have read elsewhere), to be recognised as the 'Official' Adam Ant / Adam & the Ants Fan Club is NOT a primary aim of the Ant Liberation Front. However, with 2,500+ members as of Winter 2008, we strive for the representation of Antpeople as a publicly recognised unit and currently, Antpeople have no 'Official' alternative.

To improve and grow, we need YOUR help, involvement & feedback...

Get Involved!

Interaction with the organisation can range from simply writing to us with your experiences of Ant Fandom (good or bad!), joining our online forum, contributing webpages/blogs or attending our many events. You can also contribute your views to our regular free Antzine No Response - despatched to all Lifetime Subscribers and new Ant Lib Members.

Unlike some organisations, we are a strictly NON-PROFIT venture, so we do not simply use the term "Ant Fan Organisation" as a veiled attempt to make money. All sales from our merchandise are ploughed back into the Ant Lib account to produce our free zine No Response (each edition costs in excess of £500 in production & postage costs), fund hosting & development for Ant Lib Online , and to cover initial costs of organising regular events such as annual Adam Ant conventions including the annual Ant Lib Disco, Ant Lib Live!, Ant Pride and Ant Lib All-Dayer events.

We try to save valuable resources wherever possible, so if you can offer help by distributing flyers for forthcoming Ant Lib events at your local 80s club or record shop, or put us in touch with fellow Antpeople you think would like to hear from us, please let us know by contacting us today!

You Know it Makes Sense!