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This is an archive of the Ant Lib Online news page, published 2007-2008. Please note all links and formatting have been stripped for archiving purposes.
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Adam Ant Convention News
With just three weeks to go, the plans for this year’s Adam & the Ants Celebration are now well underway. Held on Saturday 25 October from 8pm at The Cape in central London, Ant Lib Disco 2008 will feature seven hours of 100% Ant music, big screen video, merchandise grotto and a special prize raffle draw (more info on this in the coming week). We’ll be celebrating ten years of the Ant Liberation Front’s activities, so expect plenty of surprises! As our birthday present to you, tickets are available free by pre-ordering our forthcoming book Anthropology: A Social History of Antpeople at a heavily discounted rate. For further info, visit our Ant Lib Disco 2008 page now! [01 October 2008]

Ant Lib Forum? Facebook? Twitter? What’s Going On?!
After nearly ten years with Delphi Forums, the Ant Lib Forum was recently brought ‘In-house’ to Ant Lib Online. This was due to the inflated prices Delphi was charging Ant Lib for hosting the forum, plus the lack of social networking toys the more ‘Web2.0’-savvy service providers now offer. Therefore, we are pleased to assure you that the Ant Lib Forum is no longer wasting precious resources and is now residing at Additionally, and despite having our original Adam & the Ants events and resources page on Facebook pulled by an increasingly erratic Essential, our new Ant Lib News & Events Facebook page can be found here. Also, for our networking junkies who just lurve overdosing on all things Antish, launched just this week is our new Twitter page for updates on the go. Visit to sign-up for exclusive daily (it’s true!!) tidbits from Ant Lib HQ as well as Adam Ant / Adam & the Ants trivia to your desktop or mobile phone! All we need now is a funky new look Ant Lib Online website to bring all this together... ;o) [01 October 2008]

The Wolfmen Cometh! + Win Their New Album!
Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou’s project The Wolfmen have, at last, released their debut album Modernity Killed Every Night. We’d love to tell you how great it is ourselves, but both packages Marco posted to us containing review copies went AWOL courtesy of good old Royal Mail. But, if it is half as good as their live shows, then buy it now ’cos it’ll be bloomin’ marvellous! Visit their new look website at to purchase this and their forthcoming new single Better Days.

Win a signed copy of the new Wolfmen CD Modernity Killed Every Night! Simply email with your full name and postal address with the answer to the following question: Name the 1985 Adam Ant LP featuring The Wolfmen’s Marco and Chris. Easy peasy, eh?! The winner will be randomly selected at 9am GMT on Friday 31 October 2008 and announced exclusively via our Twitter service. [01 October 2008]

Mandy Gets a Place in the Country
Adam’s former girlfriend and protegee Amanda Donohoe will be returning to UK TV screens at Christmas as she joins the regular cast of ITV soap opera Emmerdale. The British actress who kickstarted her acting career with cameos in the Antmusic and Stand & Deliver promo videos, will be playing one half of “sexy new couple” Natasha & Mark Wylde, who retire to the country. Mandy’s on-screen husband will be played by the hunky Glasgow-born Colbys star Maxwell Caulfield. Amanda will no doubt be promoting her new appointment on the usual chatshows leading up to her Emmerdale debut, so look out for associated Ant references in the coming months... [01 October 2008]

New Unofficial Ants Vinyl LPs
Adam Ant’s management may have pulled yet another plug on a planned project (see below) but it seems this summer is buzzing with two limited edition collections of early Adam & the Ants demos. Originating from Germany, Bondage Punks contains Chappell Studios demos of Beat My Guest and Deutscher Girls (probably their earliest incarnations) and comes in a wrap-around screen-printed sleeve. Meet the Ants, however, is the clear leader of the two releases. Featuring Jubliee and Decca demos, this UK LP has been lovingly packaged with a spined sleeve and is pressed on an array of coloured vinyl. Although not currently planned for CD release, these two LPs are considered to be the Antmusic For Sexpeople and Ants In Bondage of the noughties - and will no doubt become highly coveted collectors items within the next few years. Especially now the planned Adam & the Ants Demos Boxset has been shelved. [28 May 2008]

New Adam & the Ants T-Shirt Range Launched
Sick of paying extortionate prices for so-called official merchandise from unscrupulous dealers? Look no further than the Camden’s Burning range of early Adam & the Ants tees now available direct from the Ant Lib Shop at dirrty cheap prices for the summer. The few pennies profit from each unit sold will be going towards our latest fan-led project Anthropology: A Social History of Adam & His Antpeople - so dig deep into that holiday fund and get yourself some bondage for the beach! Visit the Ant Lib Shop now! [28 May 2008]

Adam Ant Art Book A White Wash
Fans have once again been made the scapegoat for Essential’s seemingly ongoing lack of understanding of Ant culture. Six months of pitching a luxury book of Adam’s ‘Art’ (or rather, video storyboards and cover designs) with a dedicated blogsite has ultimately resulted an announcement from Adam’s management who have shelved the project due to insufficient interest. Ant Lib of course would have quite happily promoted the project to its 2,500+ membership base if Essential had been arsed to get in touch. Nevertheless, this clears the way for Anthropology which, announced months before Ant Art, looks to be the seldom Adam Ant-related book to be published in 2008. To get involved with our fan-led project, visit now! [28 May 2008]

Show Goes On For The Wolfmen
Despite more date changes you could wobble a Bird’s Eye Mousse at, mssrs Pirroni and Constantinou will be appearing live at the 333 Motherclub, Old Street, London EC1 this Friday 30 May with their crackin band The Wolfmen. If you’re based out of town, this is the perfect non-school night gig for you and not to be missed! Download the discount flyer from our Adam & the Ants Facebook page and we’ll see you Friday! [28 May 2008]

Jordan @ The NFT
Former Ants manager and chanteuse "The Lovelyï" Jordan will be featured on the bill of this year's 22nd London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival at the National Film Theatre, starting Thursday 27 March. Jordan's Dance will be screened in full on Saturday 29 March as part of a collection of shorts under the banner Because the Body Doesn't Lie. The seven minute sequence was partly used for Jubilee, featuring Jordan dancing around a bonfire dressed in a tutu while the landscape of England falls into despair. The film's director, Derek Jarman, is the subject of a special documentary screening on Thursday 3 April, also part of the festival. Fans of Jarman's work may also like to visit Isaac Julien's exhibition 'Derek Jarman' at the Serpentine Gallery, London, running until Sunday 13 April. [25 March 2008]

"Adam+Ant" Becoming Untrendy?
W've had our suspicions for a while, but it would seem Google searches for "Adam Ant" are at an all time low despite peaks around the 2006 publication of Adam's autobiography Stand & Deliver and last year's Bloomsbury gig. With healthy stats starting around 2004 (Adam's 50th birthday year) it would seem search popularity has been waning over the last year or so. The top country for searching "Adam Ant" is the UK, followed by Ireland in second place and then Australia, USA and Sweden respectively. So does this mean contemporary Ant fandom has reached a plateau or we merely don't search out new pages on our hero anymore? Review the stats at Google Trends for yourself and join the debate at our new Adam & the Ants Facebook page. [25 March 2008]

Spring / Summer 2008 No Response
Ant Lib would like to extend a warm thanks to Marco Pirroni who gave up his evening to be grilled within an inch of his life last week. The results will be featured in an abridged format in the forthcoming edition of our free biannual Antzine No Response. Also included will be our traditional Review of the Year, exclusive print-first Ant Lib 10 event news, plus info on how you can get your name in print with this autumn's Anthropology. For your FREE copy, Join Ant Lib before Saturday 10 May (those that join after this date will automatically receive the subsequent edition instead). [25 March 2008]

Spotlight on Marco and Chris - updated 25 March 2008
Since their gig last November, The Wolfmen - led by former Ants cohorts Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou - have been working on full throttle with further album sessions and another gig under their belt. The Wolfmen's next gig will be on Thursday 17 April Friday 18 April at 333 Motherclub, Old Street, London EC1 to celebrate the launch of their new single Needle in the Camel's Eye (DAMGOOD303) on Monday 14 April. Download the discount flyer from our new Adam & the Ants Facebook page (more on that below...) and join us for pregig fan meet - details of which can be found on our forum. Ant Lib will be interviewing Marco & Chris later this week for a special feature to appear in the forthcoming edition of our biannual Antzine No Response. To contribute, please submit questions to before 5pm Wednesday 19 March. [17 March 2008]

Ant Lib 10th Anniversary Plans Get Underway
A big nod to everybody who has been in contact so far with regards to our forthcoming fan-led literary adventure, Anthropology. As a further resource for contributions for the book, we have branched out into the world of social networking sites with our new Facebook page. Please do drop by with any memories, photos etc which you would like to submit for print. We will also soon be launching a new microsite to coincide with the book, which will contain further information on how to submit contributions. To help raise money and clear stock for the project we have extended our 10% discount offer on all shop items throughout 2008 (yay!). Collectible items will also be added as they come in. If you have any ideas you would like to submit to our 10th Anniversary plans, do drop us a line at [17 March 2008]

From the AATA 30 to the Ant Lib 10...
A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been involved in Ant Lib's 30th Anniversary of Adam & the Ants celebrations this year, both in May and November at our events and for your continued support. As a token of our gratitude, we are offering a 10% discount on all No Response subscriptions and merchandise for the remainder of the year. Plus there's good news for overseas members as we have reinstated our PayPal online ordering service. All funds received go towards the planned publication of our forthcoming literary celebration of Ant Culture: ANTHROPOLOGY: A Social History of Adam & His Antpeople. For more information on how to get involved in this exciting new fan-led project coinciding with the tenth anniversary of Ant Lib, email now! [14 November 2007]

Ant Muzak All Set for DVD
2002's memorable short film, Ant Muzak, featuring the Ants making an eventful late night shopping trip, is due for DVD release in January 2008. The short will appear along with three others, all written by one of the UK's most talented character actors and lifelong Antperson Tim Plester, under the title Blake's Junction 7. Released by 2|entertain (who are responsible for Doctor Who DVD releases among other BBC tie-ins), the DVD will include the original Ant Muzak trailer and a 9 minute behind-the-scenes featurette which includes footage of Ants bassist Gary Tibbs dancing the Prince Charming down the supermarket aisle! [14 November 2007]

Marco Goes Live!
Many believed he would never play a live gig again, but it seems Marco Pirroni, the major player behind the music of Adam Ant, is back with avengence with The Wolfmen, the exciting project fronted by co-Ant musician Chris Constantinou. They play the Islington Academy, London N1 tonight at 9pm. For last minute tickets, click the banner below! [14 November 2007]

Ant Lib All-Dayer tickets now on sale!
Tickets are already selling fast for this year's main Ant Lib event of the year. Held at two venues across an amazing eleven hours, the Ant Lib All-Dayer features, live bands, big screen video, merchandise stand and disco in the evening. For more information and to order your tickets, click here now! [31 August 2007]

Ant Lib Online Updates - August 2007
Ant Lib All-Dayer - Main event tickets now on sale!
Ant Talk - Terry Lee Miall interview from the Ant Lib archives
Articles - Dr Mark Griffiths argues why Adam is the King of Sexual Diversity
[31 August 2007]

Ant Pride Live! - You asked for it, you got it!
A big thank you to everyone who made last year's Ant Lib Disco our biggest event yet! As promised, we have a Live! event this year, and when better to celebrate 30 years of Antmusic than the date recognised as the Ants' first public performance - 10 May. Classic Ants, live bands and discounted Ant Lib merchandise all feature at Soho's legendary Madame JoJo's. Visit the Ant Pride Live! page for detailed up-to-the-minute information and tickets. [9 March 2007]

Spring / Summer No Response - available now!
The Twenty-Fifth edition of the Ant Liberation Front's biannual publication No Response is currently hitting the presses. Included is our traditional Review of the Year, our 2006 Biennial Survey results and exclusive interview with electro all-girl trio Client (pictured right at their recent headlining gig at Madame JoJo's) who launched the 30th Anniversary of Antmusic in style with their cover of Zerox, released as a single in January. For your FREE copy, Join Ant Lib now! [9 March 2007]

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