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Adam Ant Convention 2010 Tickets Now on Sale

Adam Ant FansTickets and information has been released for this year's Ant Lib Weekender - featuring our annual Adam & the Ants Celebration - to be held over the weekend of Friday 5 November - Saturday 6 November in London.

The Ant Liberation Front is proud to present the Ant Lib Weekender 2010 - bigger, better, louder and prouder with eleven hours of live Ant tributes, big screen unseen Ant video, discount merchandise and the finest Antmusic - all to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ants' classic LP King's of the Wild Frontier.

This year we will be partying in 'Ant Land' itself - Chalk Farm: one mile east from St John's Wood, one mile south from Hampstead and a short "brush me, daddio" from Camden High Street. For from just a tenner, you'll have a weekend to remember with fellow Adam Ant fans and freaks.

For tickets & information, including our special accommodation package deal, visit the Ant Lib Weekender event page or use the form below to order your tickets instantly.


Photo: Lynda Ant

Adam Ant & Dave Barbe - A Tale of Two Intimate Ant Gigs

Adam Ant - Dave BarbeIf you go down to London today, you may be in for an Ant-shaped surprise. With plans afoot, contacts primed and advance tickets purchased "just in case" for a 'secret' club night performance from Adam Ant himself for Saturday, we headed over to Liquid Nation on Ladbroke Grove, west London on Thursday for a relaxing evening with "Family Man" Dave Barbe who we knew for definite would be appearing with his new indie electro outfit Guilty Fawn.

Now, Liquid Nation isn't that well known for its live music reputation. We know that, because it was 8.30pm on a Thursday evening and, apart from Caroline and I, the tiny crowd was mainly made up of the members of the other acts, a couple of locals and a particularly personality disordered soon-to-be-thrown out Quentin Crisp wannabe who decided to spit furiously at anyone daring to talk through the opening act. Fair enough, it was a acoustic guitar touting soloist with not much ampage, but I was greeting some old pals and original Ant fans from 'back in the day' who had arrived to show support for Dave - who by now had arrived wearing his football manager assemblage of sheepskin coat and flat cap.

Adam Ant & Friends on a Spring Sunday Afternoon

Adam Ant - March 2010Now, Sundays are usually for recuperating after the night before. In this case, it was from being up all night on the new Ant Lib Online, putting final touches to articles and interviews. A call from Caroline, Ant Lib video editor extraordinaire, awoke me from dreams of editing CSS tags: something about Adam, an auction and a hairdressers. You know that feeling when you think somebody is having you on..?

Because I live not so very far away from St John's Wood, I thought I'd better go along 'just in case'. Caroline being knee-deep in her work with a deadline looming wasn't so sure, but we both chanced what seemed more like an episode of Beadle's About and individually made our way to Passion, just off St John's Wood High Street in north west London.

The Ant World is Watching - Let's RSS Feed It!

Adam Ant - Live Aid 1985Welcome to the all-new Ant Lib Online - the official website of the Ant Liberation Front, the world's largest, longest-running organisation solely dedicated to fans of Adam Ant / Adam & the Ants!

After six months of planning and development, we are steadily rolling out the 'Beta' version of Ant Lib Online to Lifetime Subscribers of the Ant Liberation Front. While the website will be available to view by the general public and non-subscribers, this roll-out method will enable us to 'soft launch' the site by restricting interactivity while testing user experience on a smaller (i.e. "safer!") scale.

The Ant Lib Online website you see now is very much a work in progress, so the input and feedback from our most 'active' memberbase (i.e. paid Lifetime Subscribers) is required now more than ever as we build an online community outpost for fans of Adam Ant / Adam & the Ants that reflects the ongoing social revolution of the modern web.

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