Adam Ant: "Up and Down Like a Bride's Nightie"

Adam Ant with Joan CollinsWhile Antpeople buff up their leathers in anticipation for this Friday's Scala gig, The Quietus music blog has published its unabridged interview with Adam Ant (pictured right with Joan Collins at the Little Black Gallery, last Thursday) in a warts 'n' all feature by lifelong Ant fan and long-term Ant Lib member Simon Price.

Politicians, David Bowie, Paul Morley, Liam Gallagher and Bono all fall victim the wrath of Ant, with Adam talking candidly - albeit erratically - about his ongoing mental health issues, recent 'guerilla' activities and "taking the piss".

Read the full article here.

Simon's feature also refers to Adam's most recent impromptu performance at his clubnight Stay Beautiful last Friday night. Here's the only clip from the show we could find on YouTube where Adam doesn't butcher his back catalogue - instead choosing to do it to somebody else's...

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