Adam Ant Live at the Southwark Playhouse - Video Exclusive

Adam Ant - Live at Southwark PlayhouseFurther to our exclusive breaking news Thursday night, Adam Ant played a thirty minute set at the Southwark Playhouse, London as part of the Shore Leave club night special one-off tonight.

Wearing top hat, elaborate make up and decorations, Adam drew in a modest crowd of Ant faithful from as far as the USA, Netherlands and Belgium to the arches under London Bridge station. Unfortunately dogged by poor sound and an apparent short attention span, Adam spent much of the time flitting from one song to the next, peppering intervals with quips on Sony records, an alleged £2.6million O2 deal, new album collaboration with Chris McCormack (of Three Colours Red and Gary Numan's live band) and new, improved physique which was on full display for most of the set.

Adam's set list for Saturday 20 March included: Physical, Cleopatra, Cartrouble, Young Parisians, Peggy Sue, Cast Iron Arm and Physical (reprise).

Watch highlights exclusively edited from the show...

NEW video added to YouTube - first five minutes unedited...

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