Adam Ant's Pirate Metal Extravaganza Rocks the Scala!

Adam Ant - Live at The ScalaAdam Ant and his new backing band defied the naysayers to perform a memorable evening of live classic Ant tunes and covers to a sold-out Scala in London last night.

Playing an eighty-one minute live set of punk favourites and pop hits, Adam managed to contradict earlier rumours of a 45 minute show of sixties rock 'n' roll covers, despite worrying fans by being in Portsmouth as late as 5pm on the day - 75 miles from the venue! Thankfully (for the promoters especially), the 1200 Ant fans in attendance weren't disappointed by another no-show, although some may have left the venue a little bemused by Adam's own take on Jackanory at the end...

Adam's set list for Friday 30 April was as follows:
Cock in My Pocket (Iggy Pop cover) / Get It On (T-Rex cover) / Antmusic / Red Scab / Beat My Guest / Vive Le Rock / Goody Two Shoes / Kings of the Wild Frontier / Apollo 9 / Physical. Encore: It Doesn't Matter / Stand & Deliver / Prince Charming / Kick / Shakin' All Over (Johnny Kidd & the Pirates cover).

Watch exclusive highlights from the show...

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