Bizarre Magazine - Adam Who's Sane

Bizarre - Adam AntBizarre by name, bizarre by nature, the "world's #1 alternative magazine" dedicates three pages to the mad world of Adam Ant in this month's issue.

Interviewed by 'Front Section' Editor Alix Fox (pictured with Adam, right), Adam chats to the magazine "in his first interview since he was sectioned in May." The article explores Adam's heteromorphic home life as well as his continued public taunting of Marco Pirroni and Liam Gallagher.

And this time he also bemoans the Scala for their 11pm Sunday curfew for the recent Matthew Ashman tribute night. But never mind all that, we just want to know when the clothing and make up range is due to be launched!*

Bizarre magazine, January 2011 is available now from all half-decent newsagents across the UK or online.

Bizarre - Adam AntBizarre - Adam AntBizarre - Adam Ant

*Along with the cassette format of that new album, no doubt.

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