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Adam Ant - Live Aid 1985Welcome to the all-new Ant Lib Online - the official website of the Ant Liberation Front, the world's largest, longest-running organisation solely dedicated to fans of Adam Ant / Adam & the Ants!

After six months of planning and development, we are steadily rolling out the 'Beta' version of Ant Lib Online to Lifetime Subscribers of the Ant Liberation Front. While the website will be available to view by the general public and non-subscribers, this roll-out method will enable us to 'soft launch' the site by restricting interactivity while testing user experience on a smaller (i.e. "safer!") scale.

The Ant Lib Online website you see now is very much a work in progress, so the input and feedback from our most 'active' memberbase (i.e. paid Lifetime Subscribers) is required now more than ever as we build an online community outpost for fans of Adam Ant / Adam & the Ants that reflects the ongoing social revolution of the modern web.

Ant Lib Online Development Plan:
Thursday 28 January 2010 - "Beta" release for Lifetime Subscribers only
Sunday 28 February 2010 - User registration open to general public / standard Ant Lib members

The schedule above is dependent on hardware/hosting capabilities and we may experience downtime while any upgrades are made. There will be prior warning in advance of any scheduled downtime for maintenance. As development is ongoing, we will be adding additional features to Ant Lib Online over the next few months and are encouraging feature requests and bug reports to be placed during this development period within our forum.

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