Vive Le Rock Magazine - Adam Ant Cover Feature - Out Now!

Vive Le Rock - Adam AntIssue two of the extremely Ant-friendly quarterly post-punk music magazine Vive Le Rock is out today (Saturday 19th February 2011), featuring Adam Ant as this edition's cover star.

Interviewed by John Robb (of Goldblade fame and general BBC arty review bod), VLR's editor Eugene Butcher revealed to us earlier this week that Adam talks about all his favourite people, the people he wants to beat up (that'll be Liam Gallagher and Marco, again then...?!) plus his battles with mental illness. Eight pages of exclusive photos also feature.

As a double Ant whammy, Marco and Chris C are on the bonus cover CD with a track from Ant Lib monthly poll-winners The Wolfmen, who are soon to release their new album Married to the Eiffel Tower - available to pre-order now!

Vive Le Rock magazine, Issue 2 is available now from all half-decent newsagents across the UK or online.

But wait, there's more! The nice chaps at Vive Le Rock are proud to announce their debut photographic exhibition at the Orange Dot Gallery, London - showcasing iconic images of David Bowie, The Clash, The Damned, Devo and, of course, Adam himself. But hurry, the exhibition ends Tuesday 1 March.

Bizarre Magazine - Adam Who's Sane

Bizarre - Adam AntBizarre by name, bizarre by nature, the "world's #1 alternative magazine" dedicates three pages to the mad world of Adam Ant in this month's issue.

Interviewed by 'Front Section' Editor Alix Fox (pictured with Adam, right), Adam chats to the magazine "in his first interview since he was sectioned in May." The article explores Adam's heteromorphic home life as well as his continued public taunting of Marco Pirroni and Liam Gallagher.

And this time he also bemoans the Scala for their 11pm Sunday curfew for the recent Matthew Ashman tribute night. But never mind all that, we just want to know when the clothing and make up range is due to be launched!*

Bizarre magazine, January 2011 is available now from all half-decent newsagents across the UK or online.

NME - Does Rock 'n' Roll Kill Brain Cells?

NME - Adam AntEvery Adam & the Ants fan will know that Kings of the Wild Frontier "woz robbed" of the number one slot in early 1981, but it seems - quelle surprise - that even the almighty NME, who claims on their website to have "chronicled and helped to shape the history of music over the last 50 years" can't get their Ant facts right.

This week's edition features a pop quiz with Adam, testing his mental agility and memory of thirty years of on-off Ant action. Scoring 6 out of 10 (well, 7 out of 10 in real money), Adam faltered on remembering who directed the Apollo 9 video (come on, we've all forgotten Francis whatisname's... errr, name every now and again..?), the number of years between Apollo 9 and Room at the Top (well he was having a swell old time over in Hollywood...), and some bird's name in an obscure* television part.

Not bad, considering the glaring inaccuracies in Adam's autobiography, Stand & Deliver....

NME magazine is available now from all half-decent newsagents across the UK and most large music/book stores internationally.

Uncut Magazine - The Making of Kings of the Wild Frontier

Uncut - Adam & the AntsAdam & the Ants in subject of rather good retrospective magazine article shocker! Yes, Adam and his intrepid 1980-era Ants feature in the May 2010 edition of the rather excellent Uncut magazine for The Making of Kings of the Wild Frontier - out today!

Featuring input from Adam Ant, Marco Pirroni, Chris Merrick Hughes, Terry Lee Miall, Kevin Mooney and former manager and key influencer Malcolm McLaren, the three page feature (including A4 pin-up of the particularly splendid Adam pic, right) details the circumstances leading up to the making and the release of the firm favourite Ants anthem Kings of the Wild Frontier, which although initally released in 1980, hit #2 in the UK singles chart in 1981, in the dawn of Antmania.

Uncut magazine, May 2010 is available now from all half-decent newsagents across the UK.

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