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Drupal logoThe Ant Liberation Front would like to extend its thanks and gratitude to the international Drupal community for their support and inspiration in the development of the new Ant Lib Online website.

Drupal is a free open-source software package that allows non-profit organisations (as well as businesses and individuals) such as Ant Lib to easily publish, manage and organise a dynamic, social network style website - empowering the site's users to interact on a greater scale.

The Drupal project is maintained and developed by a growing community of thousands of users and developers, and we have in particular found the ongoing support, friendship and free beer of the London Drupal User Group to be invaluable in getting Ant Lib Online back on its feet and thus offering Antpeople a website representitive of today's modern world wide web at minimal cost.

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Plus: Ant Lib Online Goes Green with Hostgator!
We would also like to acknowledge the assistance of our new web hosts Hostgator who have answered every daft question and responded to every whim since we joined them in August 2009 after four years of disappointment and downtime with Vizaweb. Hostgator also has damn good ethical / ecological policies too. Which is nice.

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