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The sublime 'Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)' - the finest Adam & the Ants album track committed to disc ever. Probably.
Only that this should really have been the second Adam & the Ants LP - if only Decca hadn't have cocked things up with Adam's earliest recordings.

Produced and written solely by Adam Ant, you would be forgiven for considering this, the official debut of Adam & the Ants, as a solo project merely backed by session musicians - especially in the light of the McLaren debacle which occurred just a few months later. However, this is the definitive representation of pre-fame Ants with the legendary 'original' four-piece formation consisting of Adam Ant, Dave Barbe, Matthew Ashman and Andy Warren.

If you're only just discovering Adam & the Ants through hits such as Stand & Deliver, Goody Two Shoes or Puss 'n Boots, this may not suit your pop palette. Dirk Wears White Sox was the first ever Number 1 of the Independent LP Charts for a reason. Adam & the Ants' seminal debut album's post-punk / new wave simplicity will catch commercial music fans off guard with raw, and sometimes dark lyrics, basic guitar riffs and none of the contrived, decadent frivolity found on later releases.

And that is Dirk's strength. If you really want to get into Adam's psyche, scrape below the veneer of Prince Charming and sign-up to the anti-mainstream Ants club, Dirk Wears White Sox is the album choice for you.

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