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Something for everyone - with the odd nod to punks, posers, freaks and trendies, as well as the inspiration for Britpop, Romo bands and Indie kids alike.
Hmm... 'Jolly Roger' or 'March of the MacGregors'? It's OK Adam, we won't tell! (not this time, anyway ...doh!)

Kings of the Wild Frontier is the triple platinum-selling, uber trend-setting, wholly remarkable second offering from Adam & the Ants that set the standards for 1980s British popular music. Regenerated from post-punk losers to media darlings of the Sun and the Mirror, Kings as it is colloquially known by Antpeople, is the representation and culmination of three years hard slog to be an 'overnight success'.

Sea shanties and tribal rhythms are lovingly executed by Adam Ant, Marco Pirroni, Chris 'Merrick' Hughes (who also produces), Terry Lee Miall and a teenage Kevin Mooney - the line-up considered to be the only choice if the prospect of an Ants reunion ever comes into fruition. Think the 'Angry young men' blended with Saturday morning pictures and you're half-way to describing the energy, intelligence and swash buckle Kings of the Wild Frontier exudes to a new generation of disillusioned youths.

Lost your mojo? Feeling alienated from an alien society? Only one album can cure you, and this is it. Restore your pride today with a long, loud dose of the Ants' finest moment.

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